Make the Best Out of Shopify

Make the Best Out of Shopify

Shopify is a one of the most successful ecommerce platforms for starting, growing and managing a business today. it functions at various sites, such as websites, mobile, social networks, online markets, stalls, and pop-up shops. Allows sellers to create and customize a store online. Often startups and businesses do not optimize the use of their Shopify platforms. In order to boost sales, a vendor at Shopify should make use of basic settings, such include:

  • Themes

In case of an emergency you should always have a copy of your theme and update the copy monthly. You can even rename your theme to the copy date of (the theme name) Jan 5/19. It makes a good impression on the customers and attracts buyers.

  • Search Bars

Adding a search bar to your theme’s sidebar menu makes things look more organized and professional. This can be done by clicking the first option on the top left side which tells Sidebar > check the box that says Enable Search. Click on Online Store > Customize > Click Save. Click Save.

  • Picture Quality

However, this may not be essential, but picture quality has an impact on sales. PNG images are a better alternative instead of JPG as they are better quality. If you edit your photos using programs such as Photoshop, make your website images at the minimum 300dpi.

  • Fraud Protection

You must activate your fraud protection configuration in Shopify Payments. For enough transactions, this is helpful. For this, click Edit to Set this > Payments > Check both of the checkboxes to indicate a decrease in the check for CVV and a decrease in the fees for failure of Zip Code. Click Save when you’re done.

  • Refund Policy

In terms of their service conditions and privacy policies, many shop owners use this practice. When you visit a website, the refund policy is one of the first things people look for. It is advisable to easily access and read refund policies on your website.

Shopify prompts its sellers to take into consideration alternatives available for increasing sales, they provide informative guidelines that may be a benefactor for startups:

    • They have a great video series called Ecommerce SE0 101.The series provides great information about what Google wants to add to its search engine for your website. This is useful for companies seeking to increase their sales.
    • They have a great blog post, which is called Why Every E-commerce Business Needs a Blog with information. It prompts you to create an online blog to improve the SEO of your website to enhance your sales in the long term.